Turkey Sloppy Joe’s


September 2007, pg. 36

Let me just tell you, I agonized over my first post. To launch a blog, the recipe had to be special! It had to be beautiful and picturesque and delicious! So what did I choose? Turkey Sloppy Joe’s.

Why did I choose Sloppy Joe’s? I realized I was being silly. This is an Everyday Food tribute blog! It is a magazine that provides recipes not for special occasions, but for EVERYDAY! It helps the average home cook add a little variety to their everyday meals. And what is more everyday than a sloppy joe?

This was my first time making this recipe and here is why I adore it:


Carrots! Do you see all those beautiful, sweet, orange carrots?! It calls for two full cups of them. I think they are the real reason the recipe is considered an Eat Smart Upgrade, forget the ground turkey.

My previous go to sloppy joe recipe was from Ellie Krieger and while her’s had lovely peppers and beans in it, it was completely lacking in carrots and I always had to remember to add them myself. If you’ve never had a sloppy joe with carrots you really must try it. It adds a sweet complexity that I personally don’t think you can get any other way.

The recipe also calls for the typical Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, and vinegar that makes a sloppy joe so deliciously savory.


The outcome is delicious. Being the cheese lover that I am I chose to serve mine with some wickedly sharp cheddar. We have lots of that in Vermont!


I can honestly say this is probably my new go to recipe. The carrots won me over big time, and there was enough left over for lunch the next day (this is a struggle in my house – I live with a bear).

Up next from me: Sausages with Kale and White Beans


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