Marsala Chicken with Sage and Cremini Mushrooms Served with Peas and Carrot Ribbons

September 2007, pg. 107 & pg. 134


When I first started dating the bear I live with, his favorite meal was chicken marsala.  So, I have some experience making a much fussier version of this meal.  This recipe was much less time consuming – no need to pound out chicken breasts and just a very light flour dredge – and didn’t lose any of the flavor from the more complex version.

I went a little rogue and used thyme instead of sage a) because I had it and b) because I have very little use for sage on a regular basis, but can find ways to use thyme frequently.  I think thyme and mushrooms are best friends.  They taste so great together and I think it worked wonderfully in this dish.

I also thought the peas with carrot ribbons went really nicely with somewhat sweet marsala sauce.  The peas and carrots were really buttery and the thin slices of carrot made them really silky.  My only complaint was the prep required to make the carrot ribbons.  They were ultimately delicious, but a huge pain to make in the first place.  It seems much to fancy for an everyday sort of meal, but might be really beautiful on a holiday table – think Easter.

My next adventure: Apple-Cinnamon Upside-Down Cake!!


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