Raspberry Yogurt Ice Pops

Sand art meets popsicle, but without all of the flavor

Sand art meets popsicle, but without all of the flavor

I hate to dislike a reader-submitted recipe.  It makes me feel unkind.  So I’ll say that these aren’t bad so much as they are bland.

It’s an easy and quick recipe.  There are only three ingredients: yogurt, sugar, and frozen raspberries.  I halved the recipe because I only have four smallish popsicle molds.  I used our homemade whole milk yogurt, so you’d think it would be richer and creamier.  The homemade yogurt is, however, thinner than the store bought stuff.  Perhaps, between the extra liquid in the yogurt and the ice melting off of the frozen berries, this got watered down.  I couldn’t get the raspberry/yogurt mixture and the yogurt to layer like they show in the magazine.  The yogurt kept sinking while the raspberry stuff stayed on top.

I solved that by plunging a chopstick into each mold to get the raspberry goo to mix in with the yogurt a little.  This was not unlike what you do to make those sand art creations.  Remember those?  Those were very, very popular at my junior high.  Here’s a link to buy my memories on Oriental Trading Company.

Perhaps it’s my fault for using homemade yogurt.  The yogurt that D and I make is whole milk (good for creaminess!), but never quite so thick as commercial yogurt (bad for creaminess!).  So maybe the mixture was too watery.  I think I’d maybe try this again with commercial yogurt, or just stop trying to make popsicles.  Why do I remember homemade popsicles being so good when I was a kid?  Oh, wait. … Pudding…  You win again, Cosby.

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