I Really Went Off Target On This One…

Marinated Bocconcini


September 2007, pg. 138


Now, when I say I went off target, I mean I very slightly modified the recipe to accommodate the ingredients I already had in my kitchen.  The first difference was that I used a sliced up ball of fresh mozzarella.  One of our favorite summer meals is fresh sliced tomatoes layered with slices of fresh mozzarella and then drizzled with pesto, balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil.  We had recently come across a sale on fresh mozzarella so stocked up (as much as you reasonably can with fresh mozzarella).  So anyway, I cut the remainder up into lovely little triangle.

The second major difference was my laziness when it comes to fresh herbs.  I somehow find that I can never get through a batch from the little packages they sell at the supermarket before it gets a little funky. However, I had recently bought some thyme for several other recipes in the issue and thought that would probably make a decent substitute.

Anyway, I was super pleased with the outcome, even with all my changes.  And I have to say, this will probably be on my appetizer menu for the next time I entertain.  It really was very simple to prepare.  The hardest bit was peeling the lemon rind. It was also really delicious with the recommended salami and tomato.  I put all three on a skewer together and was quite satisfied.


Next from me: Shrimp Fried Rice!!

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