Chocolate chips and walnuts with blondies

“Blondies with chocolate chips and walnuts”

Look at that hunk of happiness!

Look at that hunk of happiness!

Take a look at the picture of this recipe from MSLO and compare it to my picture.  I’ll give you a minute.  Notice anything?  Either I read the recipe wrong and put a cup of chocolate chips and a cup of walnuts into the batter and another cup each on top (which is possible) or this recipe is not written correctly.  There is a smattering of chips on top of the one in the magazine.  Mine is pretty well covered.

I’m not complaining.  If I had to do it all over again, I would make sure to double them!  This was, essentially, chocolate and walnut bound together by a little blondie.  It’s almost a candy instead of a cookie.  It’s definitely delicious.  D took some extras to work, and they were a hit.  So if you make this recipe, start with 1/2 cup of each add-in and see how it looks.  If it doesn’t look packed with goodies, go ahead and add more.  Trust me, you’ll be glad.


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