Italian for “why am I buying these?”

Pasta with turkey meatballs and bocconcini

The best pasta is shiny pasta

The best pasta is shiny pasta

This recipe is delicious.  It is such a great comfort food choice.  It has the turkey meatballs that are tasty without being so rich and heavy as meatballs made with pork.  It has grape tomatoes, which really do take on a nice flavor when you heat them.  It has pasta.  It has butter.  It has cheese.  Sold.

Let’s talk about the cheese.  This recipe is a “have you tried” recipe.  So I felt compelled to follow the instructions and use bocconcini.  Well, I think for this one I used one of the other sizes of tiny mozzarella balls.  I think maybe it started with “C.”  Like I said in my last post about the mini pizzas, I just can’t see why you couldn’t cut fresh mozzarella into cubes to use in these recipes.  Even the introductory information in the magazine says that these are just small pieces of fresh mozzarella.  Yeah, they’re cute, but so what?

Another substitution note:  The recipe calls for orecchiette or other short pasta.  They had pipe rigate at Aldi (or at least I think I remember that’s what it was.  This website seems to confirm it.  How much fun is a pasta shapes dictionary, by the way?).  B called them “little snails.”  They were very good with the recipe.  The one drawback was really my fault.  I like to test pasta by taking pieces out of the boiling water and eating them.  Well, these little guys, like a lot of tubular pastas, hold a fair amount of water.  I scalded my tongue a couple times.  Oops.  I think shells would have been fine too.  I’d be hesitant to go much smaller with the pieces of pasta, like macaroni or something, because I think you’d wind up chasing a lot of little pieces around the plate.  This pipe rigate or the orecchiette snuggle in nicely with the meatballs and tomatoes.  Nothing beats a nice snuggly pasta.

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