Electric stoves need not apply

Chicken with poblano cream sauce

Hello, gorgeous.

Hello, gorgeous.

This recipe presents a nice opportunity to try out a cooking technique that is quite easy, but will make you feel like a pro, roasting peppers over a stove flame.  Any time you get actual fire involved, you must be good, right?  This recipe has you roast a poblano pepper.  Take a pair of metal cooking tongs and hold them using a pot holder.  Even a pair of tongs that normally stays pretty cool in your hand is going to feel hot when you hold it by fire for this long.  Grip the stem end of the pepper and roast it over a medium-high flame.  I’d say hold the pepper just a little closer to the flame than you do to roast a marshmallow on campfire.  Of course, if you’re one of those overgrown children who just jams the marshmallow into the fire and hopes for the best, now is a good time to practice patience.  What you’re looking for is for the skin of the pepper to blister and char slightly.  You can keep the flame in one place for a while.  There’s no need to keep the pepper moving constantly.  Once the whole pepper is roasted, this recipe has you taking off the skin with a paper towel.  That works.  I’ve seen other recipes that have you putting the pepper in a bowl, covering it with plastic wrap, letting it sit for 10 minutes, then taking off the skin.  Still other recipes will have you keep the pepper in a paper bag for a while.  Maybe the plastic wrap treatment is necessary for a bell pepper because the skin is tougher than the skin on a poblano pepper.  It was easy to take the skin off of this with just a paper towel right away.  You’re left with a roasty, toasty skinless poblano pepper.

Ug roast!  Ug make pepper good!

Ug roast! Ug make pepper good!

What do those poor people without gas stoves do when they want to roast a pepper?  The magazine says something about broiling it.  That’s no fun.  Yet another reason why gas ranges are the best: you can use them to roast a pepper like the cavewoman you really are.

That’s the only trick to this recipe.  Otherwise, it’s just a sauce you make in the blender with some cream.  It is so good.  The pepper has just enough heat to cut the creaminess and the cream has just enough creaminess to cut the heat.

Oh, there’s another trick to this recipe, if you’re going to make it my way.  I poached the chicken breasts.  I hate to cook chicken.  I’m never confident about whether it’s cooked unless I poach it.  Also, poaching chicken keeps it moister than other methods.  Here is a link to my favorite instructions for poaching chicken.  I don’t bother with the herbs or broth or anything, though.  I just cook it in plain water for the specified amount of time.  Once I learned to poach chicken, that was pretty much the end of me cooking chicken any other way besides my true favorite, getting D to grill it for me.

The side dish is roasted root vegetables.  I put some tortillas out there too for the sake of giving us options on how to eat it.

Fiestaware really suits this one, doesn't it?

Fiestaware really suits this one, doesn’t it?


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