Apparently My Skillets are Big Enough

I’ve never seen G’s skillet in person, so I don’t know if the recipe was the issue or the skillet size was misleading.  Hard to say.  What I can say is that I took on most of the remaining skillet recipes and had no problem getting them to fit.  I used an 11 3/4 inch Le Creuset skillet which by the laws of measurement should technically be smaller than G’s 12 inch skillet, so I am assuming the recipe must have been a little off (or G uses big measuring cups).

I made two recipes, the first of which was Chicken with Artichoke Hearts.


As usual, I cheated and used the bone-in skin-on chicken thighs I had instead of boneless skinless chunks of chicken thigh.  I had to let the skin crisp up before I flipped the thighs.  Then I had to be careful to nestle in all the other ingredients around the crispy chicken.

The oregano in this dish was awesome!  So tasty and Mediterranean.  I also love feta so adding that at the end made me extremely happy.  I decided to serve it over couscous because the liquid never thickened as the recipe described (maybe because I used skin-on whole thighs?).  The couscous soaked it up quite nicely.

I really enjoyed this and felt pretty good about eating it.  It tasted fresh and healthful even using the fattier chicken thighs instead of breasts.  I will certainly put it on the list of keepers.

The second skillet recipe I cooked was Chicken with Ginger.

See how spacious?

See how spacious?

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I love ginger.  I nearly always have some fresh ginger in the house.  I cook with it often, but even more often I make ginger tea.  There are two ways you can do this.  One is literally pouring boiling water over chopped ginger and letting it steep.  This is great if you have an upset stomach.  I usually make a strong black tea like an Irish Breakfast and add fresh ginger to the pot while it is steeping.  The result is a really warming beverage (not just in the temperature sense) that is really great on cold mornings or rainy afternoons.

Anyway, I was excited to make this recipe.  I decided to serve it over ramen noodles and when they mixed in with the sauce it turned into kind of a lo mein dish.  The ginger was zesty and delicious and it mixed wonderfully with the soy sauce.

I’m pretty sure the Bear I live with liked it too because there weren’t any left overs despite making four packets of ramen to go along with the considerable amount of meat.

Another win for EF!

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