No, we don’t always eat like this

Coffee-glazed oven brisket

Spicy cheese bread

Oh, shoot.  This is just what we have for dinner when we don't care what we eat.

Oh, shoot. This is just what we have for dinner when we don’t care what we eat.

D cooked these two dishes and took care of my baby J while I worked on a Sunday.  He’s my husband.  No, you may not borrow him.  We had a friend over for dinner.  She said something about how we always eat such nice meals.  D and I looked at each other like, “Yeah, but only when we’re not eating frozen pizza.”  So I hope you’re reading the whole blog…Lisa S.  No, that’s too obvious…L. Simpson… and not just this one post.

These notes on cooking are summarized from what D told me.  Again, the lucky lady showed up when it was all done and ate dinner with her friend.  He found it easy to cook.  Most importantly, D found it easy to handle while taking care of a 12 month old.  He said the recipe is almost all a matter of mixing the sauce together, and you can do that whenever.  He said the same thing about the cheese bread.  He mixed up the sauce for the brisket and the butter mixture for the cheese bread while J took a nap.  D did make one important equipment note.  He said a lot of people might not have a pot big enough to let you brown a three pound brisket and also braise it in that same pot. D and I are lucky we have a giant, oval, enamel-coated, cast-iron dutch oven (that’s a lot of adjectives, isn’t it?).  If you don’t have a monster pot, D noted that you could definitely halve the recipe and do it with a smaller piece of brisket.

The taste?  Wow.  The coffee-glazed oven brisket was rich and spicy and smokey.  It makes the house smell amazing.  It was also definitely on the greasy side.  You see that sauce gleaming in the gravy boat and you just know that nothing low-fat shines like that.  The next day, some fat congealed on it.  Probably as a consequence, it gave me wicked heartburn.  It was worth it.  You don’t cook brisket cooked with coffee and chili sauce, then eat it with spicy cheese bread and not expect heartburn.  Speaking of the cheese bread, it was nice take on garlic bread.  The spice went well with the brisket.  I was surprised that the picture of the brisket in the magazine showed you serving it with mashed potatoes.  To me, this was a natural pairing.  And the recipes are on the same page…  Why fight it?

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