Shortbread Wedges

Shortbread Wedges

October 2003, pg. 144

Shortbread wedge

I LOVE shortbread.  Butter.  Sugar.  Honestly, what isn’t there to love about this simply delicious snack?  My love of shortbread began when I worked at the coffee shop in Brewer Bookstore at St. Lawrence University.  They had shortbread for a quarter.  Whether I was in the mood for plain, chocolate chip, and/or pecan, the buttery goodness let me step away from my ever so stressful undergraduate life.  Plus they sat on the counter calling my name.

I decided to whip-up a quick batch of the shortbread wedges this morning.  Letting the butter sit at room temperature, I watched ‘Meet the Press’ for an hour.  After I was done drinking coffee and watching some news, I creamed some butter.  Mixed the sugar and flour with the butter and put the crumbly dough in an 8-inch springform pan.  I thought I was being clever with the pan choice.  There was no need.  A half-pound of butter isn’t going to let a cup of flour and a third cup of sugar stick to anything.  I attempted crimping the edges with a fork and failed.  The top layer of dough was flaking off and I probably should have chilled the dough for a full 10 minutes like the recipe suggested.  ‘Hindsight is 20/20.’

I cooked the shortbread for 35 minutes to ensure the center was firm.  The edges of the shortbread did start to brown, so I laid foil over the pan for the last 5 minutes of baking.  This is where I digress for a moment and explain my kitchen and oven.

I currently live in an old gristmill built before 1800.  A well-known interior designer bought the severely neglected mill in the 1950’s and turned it into three apartments.  My husband and I rent what was the old gear room.  NOT a traditional living space.  Our kitchen is about 6’x 5’ including the sink, counter, and oven.  As you can imagine such a small kitchen can only fit a small oven.  The oven doesn’t have a glass window.  So I need to open the door, which lets heat out, every time I want to check on the cooking item.  The temperature control knob does not have any temperatures on it.  I had to buy a thermometer to put in the oven so I know what the temperature is.  Requiring me to open the door more frequently.  Lastly, there is not a tight seal on the oven door and it’s so small the temperature is not consistent.  Now you know what I am dealing with.


After letting the shortbread cool completely I removed the shortbread from pan.  I was able to break this delicious treat into the 8 wedges, no need for a serrated knife.  Scoring the shortbread worked perfectly.

The shortbread wedges were a success.  Not perfect, but delicious buttery snack!  They almost melted in my mouth.  They had a flaky texture when I was expecting a crumbly texture.   I may not have creamed the butter long enough or I may try creaming the butter and sugar together and then adding the flour.  My husband and I both prefer thicker shortbread.  The next time I bake shortbread wedges I will use a smaller pan.  A piece of advice: Only eat one wedge at a sitting.  Your stomach may be yelling, “Too much butter.”  If you go back for seconds, as mine did.  But they were just so darn good!

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