Have I Mentioned I Like Custard?

I do. I do like custard.  If there is a creme brûlée on a menu, I pretty much have to order it.  Whenever I go home, I more or less force my mother to make tapioca pudding (she does all sorts of fun variations – last time it was like eating an almond joy).  The one thing that had prevented me from making the Chocolate Custard Cups in the past was a lack of ramekins.

Why not just buy some ramekins you ask?  Because I have sadly expensive tastes and the ramekins I want are $12 per ramekin.  One day, I shall have these and I shall post glorious photos featuring said ramekins, but for now…

Why yes, that is a mason jar!

Why yes, that is a mason jar!

We all know mason jars are great multi-taskers.  G had the brainstorm that I could probably use them as my ramekins.  She was right!  It would have been better if they were slightly shorter, but they did the job.  And the outcome, was this…

Topped with soft whipped cream!

Topped with soft whipped cream!

The chocolate in this is so deep and rich it’s wonderful!  I think I could have beat the eggs and sugar together for a bit longer for a slightly more creamy result… It is also possible that by failing to read the line in the instructions about loosely covering the top with aluminum foil (don’t judge me, I was thinking about the custard!) might have caused the top part to “bake up” slightly while the custard underneath stayed soft and creamy.

So if you have mason jars (or if you are fancy and have ramekins…) I highly suggest you put this in them!!!


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