And Another Dessert!

Cherry Sheet Cake

October 2003, pg. 101

Mmm… buttery...

Mmm… buttery…

So of all the desserts we had to make this issue, this one seemed sort of underwhelming.  No chocolate, no custard, no intensely autumnal spices.  But the ingredient I think we all overlooked in this was BUTTER.  Lots and lots of butter.  It has the same butter to flour ratio as the shortbread wedges M made, so yeah, it tastes shortbread like.  It really is like a fluffy slightly fruity shortbread.  What’s not to like about that?

The recipe does make an entire sheet pan worth of this buttery goodness so as usual I shipped it off with the Bear I live with to take to work.  They were gone before 10am so I am taking that as a sign of approval.

Moral of the story: check the recipe before you rule something out as boring, it might be filled with butter!

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