Fantastic salad with some fatal flaws

Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad

anything with pine nuts is good

anything with pine nuts is good

This is a very yummy recipe.  It has bright flavors from crisp apple, sprouts, and vinegar, but it also has an earthy, roasty flavor from the pine nuts.  We made this at the beginning of November and D said he was really looking forward to a month of rich Thanksgiving flavors.  I was too.  It’s been fun to delve deeply into Thanksgiving for a whole month.

There are several strikes against this dish as an actual Thanksgiving side: First, there are no instructions to make it ahead of time, and that’s tough for a lot of cooks.  Second, it takes one large bowl, one large pot, one collander, one medium bowl, one cutting board, one or two knifes, two cookie sheets, the oven, the range, and at least four or five paper towels.  So unless you made absolutely everything else ahead of time, you love doing dishes, and no one else is bugging you to do anything just before the meal, this isn’t a good choice for your average Thanksgiving.  It should be noted, however, that I don’t usually have the average Thanksgiving.  My parents have between 20 and 30 people over.  So maybe my perspective is a touch skewed.  Overall, I think this is a nice side dish for a Thanksgiving-inspired meal, but not the feast itself.

One note about the apple instructions:  They are confusing as written. They tell you to quarter the apple then quarter it again.  And make 8 chunks?  From looking at the picture in the magazine, I determined that they actually mean quarter then thinly slice crosswise, similar to how you cut the brussels sprouts.

Here’s one meal where I served leftover stuffed acorn squash with this salad as a side:

it's just ridiculously seasonal, really

it’s just ridiculously seasonal, really

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