Slice potato, burn potato

Apricot-Stuffed Pork with Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

all's well...

all’s well…

This is an interesting recipe.  I’ll start with the pork.  The stuffing itself was easy to make.  I used red onion instead of shallot.  I know B is a huge shallot fan, but I’m not sure I’ve bought more than maybe three shallots in my life.  They don’t carry them very regularly at my grocery store (the one besides Aldi…).  Plus, for a cooked recipe like this, the red onion does a really good shallot impression.  The directions say to cut a slit in the pork loin almost all the way through.  Well, if you cut all the way through the loin on accident like I did, you can adjust and make a shorter, shallower cut right next to the mistake cut and use that newly cut piece to cover the gap.  It seemed worthwhile because I thought the sticky apricot jam would ooze out and burn.

It doesn't hold together very well

It doesn’t hold together very well

Speaking of burning…  The potatoes definitely burned.  You cook them for a while on the sheet with the brussels sprouts before you nestle the pork loin on there.  Trouble is, when I opened the oven to add the pork loin, I’d say those potatoes and sprouts were done.  Gulp.  I soldiered forth and cooked them some more with the pork loin, but I stirred them around a little to try and avoid burning.  As luck would have it, the pork loin needed more time to cook fully than what the recipe said.  By the time it was done, the brussels sprouts were really, really roasted and just on the edge of burning and about 60% of the potatoes were burned to the pan.  Here’s my question: why not chunks instead of thin slices?  What a mess.  If I made this again, I would either skip the potatoes or cut them into chunks and do the preroasting for 1/2 the amount of time before adding the pork loin to the pan.

We lost a lot of good potatoes in this battle

We lost a lot of good potatoes in this battle

On a more positive note, I ground up the pork and stuffing in the food processor and gave it to J with a little applesauce to moisten it and it was his favorite meal of the week!  I tried a bite and yeah, I would eat that!


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