B Tries Her Hand at Beef

Cornbread-and-Beef Skillet Pie



Since I have been trying so many new things with this project, I wanted to branch out even further and try my hand at beef.  In case your new to Cooking the Stripes, I don’t do beef.  I haven’t since I was in 8th grade.  I used to love it.  Then I loved cows and gave it up.  Then I still thought cows were cute but was willing to try eating them again only to find that now I hate it.  I tastes like… chewing on a cow…  As a result, I don’t cook beef.  I usually just replace beef in a recipe with ground turkey.  But as I said, I’m trying new things.  So in this recipe, I didn’t!  I didn’t replace the beef with ground turkey.  And it wasn’t terrible.  The bear really liked it, so I am going to say that for beef eaters this is probably a pretty tasty dish.  I still got hints of cow, so I didn’t love it.  But I ate my helping like a good girl and happily let the bear finish the dish for lunch the next day.

On the cornbread… I don’t think it really helped the recipe at all.  I think it kind of dried everything out.  I think it would have been much better with some sort of mashed potatoes on top like a shepherd’s pie.  Yeah, I would have liked that better.

So all in all, the beef didn’t kill me.  I might even be willing to try another beef recipe in the future.  We’ll see what happens!


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