Working Retail During the Holidays is Draining!!!

Not that I have any real excuse for abandoning the blog this month, but I have been truly and deeply exhausted by running around helping customers find the perfect Christmas gift. So, to you, I do apologize. I shall do my best to catch up and to keep myself up to date with writing in the future.  Now, on to bigger and tastier things.

Up first, Spicy Turkey Thighs and Bacon Stir-Fry.

I thought just scallions would be boring, so I made some additions...

I thought just scallions would be boring, so I made some additions…

So, the sad truth is that I started the month out strong.  I made this delectable dish with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.  (That’s right, it has taken me a full month to write this first post.)  Necessarily, I had to do a little fudging with the recipe since my turkey was already cooked.  Basically, I just added the turkey in after my vegetables had started to soften a touch.

I also made some additions.  The recipe just has bell pepper and scallions.  I cut one of the bell peppers and added snow peas to the mix (yay!) and then also added water chestnuts for some crunch.  I also struggled to find Sambal Olek so I ended up using a sweet chili sauce instead.  As a result, it was rather less spicy, but that isn’t a problem for me.

The overall outcome of this recipe was awesome.  It was delicious (what has bacon that isn’t delicious?).  I was so pleased to use up some of my turkey in something other than in a sandwich or on yet another Thanksgiving dinner plate.  So, if you still have some turkey left from Christmas, try this out!!



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