Has Anyone Been Successful with a Martha Stewart French Toast Recipe?

Apple-Butter French Toast Sandwiches

Look! Adequate lighting!!

Look! Adequate lighting!!

I’m sorry, but I have to start this post with a rant.  Has anyone ever been successful with a Martha Stewart french toast recipe?!  I have made two different recipes in the past few months, and both of them just left me with soaking wet pieces of warm bread… (Ok, this time I managed to adjust things so it wasn’t quite as bad.)  Number one, I think they call for an absurd amount of milk – 1 cup milk to 2 eggs, plus 2 egg whites seems excessive.  Secondly, it says to put the bread slices into the mixture and to let it soak a minute per side – that’s two minutes!  I tried it for about 30 seconds total and my bread nearly fell apart before I could get it to the pan!! Seriously, if anyone has the answer to my dilemma with these french toast recipes, please tell me.  I don’t think stale bread would compensate enough for the amount of liquid/soaking time.

Now, about the flavor.  I skipped the apple butter and went for pumpkin butter instead, because I had it.  By using the butter instead of maple syrup it is a much less sweet breakfast, so I agree with the Healthy Start category.  I thought it tasted decent, but I’ll be honest with all the struggles of actually making the french toast with this recipe, I probably won’t be doing it again.

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