This is why you bought a Dutch oven

Pork shoulder roast with tomatoes

Lookin' wholesome!

Lookin’ wholesome!

Wow.  This is a keeper.  This one is for real.  The one thing to know is that it does honestly take 2.25 hours and it’s not a good candidate to convert to a slow cooker recipe because it requires you to baste it every 15 minutes toward the end.  But, if you have a long afternoon at home and you don’t mind almost eating your own hand because the smell of this makes you so hungry, then you’ve got to make this recipe.

If nothing else, this recipe will make you feel super good for owning a Dutch oven.  There are those pieces of kitchen equipment that you look at and think, “Man, I’m not sure I need to own that thing…”  Gratin dish, Kitchen Aid mixer (I love it…I just don’t use it very often), mini bundt cake pan, immersion blender, melon baller, and so on.  But then that moment comes when nothing else would have been better.  This was that moment for my Dutch oven.  Here it is, rising to the occasion:

I'm proud of you, Baby!

I’m proud of you, Baby!

So if your significant other keeps hassling about why you own that giant, heavy pot, you make this recipe.

Side note: J loved this one.  He ate it up like it was cheese crackers and applesauce.  For real.

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