For quite some time, G and I have been planning two things: 1) create an extensive and perfect index for our favorite magazine, Everyday Food and 2) start a blog that inevitably leads to fame and fortune (as all blogs do, right?). When MSLO decided to cease publication of Everyday Food, we were both devastated but we didn’t think of the idea for this blog until some months later when I decided to leave my job and move to the exotic state of Vermont. With all that time on my hands, I clearly needed a project, so G and I decided to cook our way through ALL of the Everyday Food issues!

To follow along with the very EF principle of cooking what is in season, we decided to start with a September issue and after much deliberation settled on 2007. While we aren’t going in order, we did decide to cook every recipe in an issue before moving on to the next. Since we aren’t the owners of these recipes, we are going to link back to Martha’s website whenever possible. And we may just create that perfect index as well. So please follow us as we embark on our culinary adventure and hopefully we will inspire you to cook some of these wonderful recipes along the way!

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