Where do these editors shop?!

Alright folks, boneless skinless turkey thighs don’t exist.  I looked.  G looked.  The bear looked.  You can’t find them.  So unless you want to cut the legs off a full sized turkey, then bone and skin the thighs, skip the turkey and go for chicken.  I am of course alluding to the Turkey Kebabs with Cabbage Slaw recipe.



I really enjoyed the flavors in this recipe.  I don’t know if it is necessary to make them into kebabs (especially when one doesn’t have the option of grilling them).  I think it would have actually been better in my case to cube up the thighs and marinate them, then toss them in a pan and fry them up.  There would have been a lot of caramelized/seared goodness on that chicken.  The marinade is a keeper.  Malt vinegar is definitely a good thing.  And the slaw tasted fresh and healthy.  

This recipe came with a bonus next day suggestion.



It basically consisted of throwing the leftovers into a whole wheat wrap.  I do not know what this tastes like.  I made the kebabs the night before I came down with the flu and thus I was in full “soup only” mode when it came time to eat the wraps.  The bear said they tasted good, but a touch dry.  I believe he added mayo, however the fever may have addled my memory.