Sometimes I forget a main ingredient (and to take a picture)…

Spicy Sausage, Bean and Cheese Nachos

[Insert photo here… please.  Maybe you could make this dish properly and email me a photo. Thanks!]

Where to begin.  First of all, I had been driving all day.  Like all day.  I got in the car around 9:30am and aside from a couple of brief stops, I drove until arriving home at 8pm.  I had looked at the recipe before I left for a weekend away and had bought all the necessary ingredients.  I thought it would be something I could throw together quickly when I got home if it was late.  Well, I was right about that part.  Although, it was obviously quicker since I forgot the entire bean component.

Yeah, I threw it together without looking at the recipe again.  So I had sausage, cheese, green chiles in place of jalapeños, and black olives.  Super easy!  Super tasty!  I bet it would be great with the beans as well…  And like a recipe that might actually belong in a magazine and not like something a bunch of college kids tossed together when they got home from the bar on a Friday night.

And yes, I also forgot the picture.  Moral of the story.  Don’t trust yourself to cook for a blog after a day of driving.  In fact, don’t trust yourself to cook at all.  Maybe just pick up some take out.

I think you should try this recipe.  And then tell me how it actually tastes.

Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche

December 2011, pg. 45 & 46

Quiche Whole

Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche Recipe

This was a great breakfast-for-dinner recipe! I love breakfast foods and I don’t eat eggs and pancakes enough, so I love the opportunity to have them for dinner.

I made the pie crust using Everyday Food’s November 2008 recipe.
Basic Pie Crust

*I used it for the Maple Nut Tart I baked last month so I knew at least the crust of the quiche would be a success.  I made the crust in the morning and threw it in the refrigerator until it was time to start dinner.

I must admit I eyeballed the broccoli and cheese measurements.  I bet there was a little more of each item than the recipe called for.  But really who can turn their nose up to more broccoli and cheese.  I baked the quiche for 45 minutes and the center appeared to be set, so I took it out and let it cool.

It was a perfect night to eat the quiche for dinner because P was on-call and I wasn’t sure what time he would be getting home but it would most likely be after 8 p.m.  I probably wouldn’t be able to wait and eat with P, since my body starts to shut down if I don’t eat dinner by 7:45.  I would eat the quiche warm and P would just eat the quiche cold (or warm it up in the microwave).  P ended up getting home just as I was finishing my salad, so we were able to eat our main course together.

The cooked quiche looked and smelled amazing before and after we cut it.  The center seemed a little underdone to me, so I cooked my portion in the microwave for 45 seconds. P, took no issues with the doneness and ate it as is.  It was delicious!  The texture of was amazingly smooth and creamy, reminding me of a quiche I had in a nice French restaurant for brunch a few years back.  The broccoli was tender and there weren’t too many onions.  The quiche was a success and I bet the other variations would be just as good!

Quiche Piece

Mac and Cheese!!! (This is one cheesy post)

September 2007, pg. 116

One thing that Everyday Food does often and does well is mac and cheese.  Loads of variations of mac and cheese.  I’ve never tested the theory, but I suspect there is some form of cheesy baked noodle dish in just about every issue.  No complaints here!

Can you tell it's still bubbling?

Can you tell it’s still bubbling?

While I love mac and cheese, I’m usually too lazy to make it from scratch.  It’s not hard or anything, I just struggle to wait for the baking portion to be over to indulge in the cheesy goodness.  So this was a nice change.  And yes, I still couldn’t wait, so I saved a few noodles from the oven so I could do a quality assurance test (a must when there is cheese involved).

While the recipe says you can mix and match your favorite three cheeses, I actually stuck with the original suggestions and used white cheddar (can you get any other kind in VT?), havarti, and muenster. I’m glad I did!  I had forgotten how much I love muenster!!

I did make two slight alterations to the recipe.  I used cavatappi instead of shells and I used crushed buttery crackers instead of bread crumbs, mostly due to laziness again. I already had to wait for the cheesy delight to come out of the oven, I wasn’t going to delay it going in by having to process bread crumbs.

*Small side note on pasta choice.  The bear and I have recently discovered De Cecco pastas.  They are expensive for boxed pasta, but they are sooo worth it.  The texture is so much closer to fresh pasta its unbelievable.  We try to stock up whenever we can catch a sale.  Give it a try if you can.

Anyway, I waited so very patiently and the outcome was great.  It tasted even better the next day!  I would say I plan to make this again, but there are always so many mac and cheese options I suspect I won’t need to do a repeat!