Gingersnap Bowls

Gingersnap Bowls with Ice Cream

October 2003, pg. 116


Every Friday our local grocery store sells half-gallons of Perry’s ice cream for a $1.99, which has led to a habitual stop sometime during my Friday.  I thought the gingersnap bowls would be a nice addition to our Friday night treat.

The recipe seemed easy enough.  I thought things might get a little interesting during Step 3, due to the time sensitivity.  I didn’t want the gingersnap pancakes to harden before I could mold them into bowls…

Unfortunately, my troubles began in Step 2.  After the batter ‘cool[ed] completely’ (which the recipe calls for), I attempted to scoop a tablespoon onto a greased baking sheet, but the batter was rock solid.  I briefly warmed the batter over the stove just long enough to scoop the batter.  The first two bowls I made came out nicely.  The second bowl didn’t mold as much.  I used a glass that was too large and I was just too slow.  (Which I was expecting.)  The centers of the third and fourth bowls stopped spreading out in a thin layer at the same rate as the edges.  Leading to the edges being done and the middle not.  I took my chances with the middle being underdone, which was probably not the best choice.  I ended up with one bowl with a dense center and the fourth is now a wreath.  Lesson learned while baking Ginger Snap Bowls: Do NOT let the batter cool completely.


I’m okay with things not looking perfect, as long as the dish tastes good.  My husband and I were not impressed with the overall taste, corn syrup.  I  would suggest putting a little more ginger in the batter, I could hardly taste the ginger over the sugar and corn syrup.  I was not impressed with the overall process and end result of the gingersnap bowls.  The bowls seemed like a creative way to spice-up a bowl of ice cream, next time I will eat my black raspberry ice cream in a ‘real’ bowl.