Clean it out and cook it up

Big-batch vegetable soup

D ran a marathon.  Go D!  :)

D ran a marathon. Go D! ūüôā

This recipe is spectacular for a few reasons. ¬†It’s a freeze it, so right away you know I’m excited. ¬†It’s soup. ¬†Soup’s a good thing (cite: David Sedaris…does WordPress do footnotes? ¬†What’s the HTML tag for footnotes? ¬†Please don’t tell me). ¬†Here’s why this recipe is great, and it’s not something that jumped right out at me. ¬†Take a look at the last ingredient:

8 cups mixed fresh or frozen vegetables, such as carrots, corn, green beans, lima beans, peas, potatoes, and zucchini

8 cups of whatevs. ¬†How great is that? ¬†Random half bags of frozen veggies in the freezer staring you in the face? ¬†Toss em in! ¬†Recipe last night only used one of two potatoes now you’re stuck with one potato? ¬†Toss it in! ¬†I had leftover calabcita from September’s squash substitutions. ¬†I had a bunch of lima beans from making a succotash for J. ¬†I had a ton of frozen corn because Everyday Food recipes use a surprising amount of corn. ¬†It all went in there. ¬†I think I actually used 6 or 7 different vegetables. ¬†I think this makes this a great recipe for times when your freezer or fridge has an odd glut of vegetables. ¬†Or for when lots of things look good at a farmers’ market and you can’t think of what else to do with it. ¬†No matter the reason, this is a tasty soup. ¬†I look forward to having it some night when I’m too lazy to cook and too guilty/cheap to order in.