So. Many. Cupcakes.

In honor of Halloween, I decided to write my post on Cupcakes Three Ways.  When you make cupcakes in three ways you end up with a lot of cupcakes.  Two dozen to be exact. And as I don’t have any kids to send them off to school or girl scouts with… I had to send them off with the bear I live with instead.  I waited for the perfect moment when he had a work potluck and went for it.



When it comes to baking, you really can’t make too many alterations so I stuck with the recipe. I made six vanilla, six chocolate, and 12 black-and-white.  I also made the vanilla buttercream and chocolate buttercream.  However, since it was the “Autumn Potluck”, the bear I live with wanted maple frosting instead.  

So I winged it… it wasn’t a huge disaster but it also was not a huge success.  Mostly it still just tasted like vanilla buttercream with maybe a very small hint of maple at the end.  I think the raspberry would have been much more flavorful.  Or at the very least, I should have looked up a maple buttercream recipe rather than just taking the base vanilla recipe here and adding some maple syrup.

The cupcakes themselves were incredible!  They were that awesome texture that you can’t get with a box mix.  Super dense and buttery tasting.  I know the supposed desire in a cupcake is moist and spongy but I have come to find that texture less than satisfying and prefer the homemade route.  The black-and-white were my favorite so I could get a little of each and I preferred the chocolate frosting because really, who wouldn’t?  I also used some incredibly good (i.e. expensive) baking chocolate so the chocolate frosting was super rich and awesome. 

Like mac and cheese, cupcakes seem to be a favorite of Everyday Food, so while I might say I would make at least one of these variations again, I just don’t know.  Maybe next issue I’ll find a glorious pumpkin cupcake, or a lemon cupcake, or a coconut cupcake.  When it comes to cupcakes, it’s best not to limit yourself!