Pot o’ Gold? No.

One-pot chicken and brown rice

If that doesn't look bland, adjust your monitor settings.

If that doesn’t look bland, adjust your monitor settings.

This is my attempt at making a St. Patrick’s Day post two days too late.  There’s green from the celery, and it’s a pot, but not a pot of gold.  Sigh.  I tried.  I also give a great big sigh to this recipe.  So boring.  It’s chicken and rice.  I guess it’s not supposed to blow my mind.  Yes, it only takes one pot.  Whee.  Sorry.  Maybe I’m not more enthusiastic because my mom went through a three year phase of making chicken and rice for almost every dinner, and I’ve been scarred.  Also, the rice wasn’t cooked.  That’s probably just a brown rice thing.  I think asking brown rice, vegetables, and chicken to all show up at the right temperature and consistency at the right time is too much to ask.  I’ve got an Arroz con Pollo recipe from a Williams Sonoma cookbook that is one pot, cooked in the oven, and utterly flawless.  The difference?  White rice.

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day dear readers.  Maybe next year we will have corned beef and cabbage or something.


Sauerkraut with Chicken Leg Quarters and Sausage

Sauerkraut with Chicken Leg Quarters and Sausage

IMG_0947I have just a few things to say about this dish.

1) I love sauerkraut. I love its vinegar-y bite.  I was pretty excited about this because it mixed wine with sauerkraut.  Unfortunately, the rinsing and the wining ended up taking away the sourness of the sauerkraut. It was alright, but it wasn’t as glorious as I expected.

2) It has pretty much no carbs.  Which generally speaking can be ok, but the bear tends to get hangry without carbs.  I sort of wish there were some potatoes in this mix.  We served the leftovers with pierogies so that kind of took care of that problem.

This dish wasn’t a total flop, I would just have to work on the carb situation and the lack of sourness if I make it again.