Fancy Occasions Call for Fancy Cuts of Meat

Bone-In Pork Roast with Apples and Gremolata

Fun fact: I've always wanted to cook a pork roast with the bones frenched…

Fun fact: I’ve always wanted to cook a pork roast with the bones frenched…

The bear and I were celebrating an anniversary and sadly, neither of us were feeling that well.  I had a cold and he was just exhausted from a conference he had recently returned from.  So, we decided to stay in.  We still wanted it to be special so I decided I would make this beautiful pork roast.  To make it even more special we went to the local version of whole foods and bought a truly impressive (and expensive) locally grown organic happy pork roast.  They frenched the bones (i.e., scraped all the meat off creating the Flintstones-esque presentation) and trussed it for me so it would come out perfectly shaped when I cooked it.

After all the work they put into it, the rest of the meal was truly easy.  I cut a few apples in half to roast the pork on.  I popped it into the oven and let it cook for a little over an hour and in the meantime I prepared the gremolata.  The pork came out, and while I let it rest I roasted some brussels sprouts (if you have never tried roast brussels sprouts you really should) and some acorn squash.

Check out the feast.

Check out the feast.  And good news I got some real napkins for Christmas courtesy of M.

How did it all turn out you ask?  Awesome.  By far, the best pork roast I’ve ever had.  That was one truly happy pig.  And gremolata should be served far more often.  The herbs and the lemon from the gremolata made everything so bright and fresh tasting (which is a hard thing to do this time of year).  And the apples mixed with the little bit of white wine and pork juices were delicious.

It was a very special dinner with very little work.  Next time you have a special occasion keep this pork roast in mind.