Rosemary Smells Like Christmas!!!

Baked Shells with Winter Squash


First of all, this recipe made me realize that I either have not done much cooking with fresh rosemary (I swear I have used it before but I don’t remember it ever being so fragrant!) or else the rosemary I’ve been cooking with has just been really under par.  My kitchen smelled like Christmas from the instant I started chopping that rosemary.  It was so fragrant that I was a little nervous that if I used the amount stated in the recipe it would totally overpower the dish.

I took a leap of faith and threw it all in.  It was not a mistake.  It tasted so lovely with the caramelized onions and parmesan.  It was really comforting but at the same time I didn’t feel bad about going for seconds because it wasn’t overly cheesy or fattening.

I made just a couple of adjustments from the recipe.  I used cavatappi pasta because I love it’s twirly-ness (I did this with the Mac and Three Cheeses last month too).  I also didn’t bother with the bread crumbs on top.  The dish was good enough on its own so it really didn’t need it.  If I had been serving it for guests I might have used the crumbs because they do make it look a little more fancy.

I would definitely recommend this dish to everyone! So good and hearty!